Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

The Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot takes place on Thanksgiving morning and brings over 20,000 runners and walkers to the streets of San Jose. The event is produced by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundationand raises money for local charities. The event consists of three sub- events: a 5K Run/Walk, 10K Run, and a Kid’s Run. The post-race festival takes place in Arena Green Park. The event is designed to give participants a healthy way to start their Thanksgiving celebration while raising funds for the beneficiary organizations. If you’re looking for apartment rentals in downtown San Jose we have you covered. Visit our availability reserve page to book now.


Race Date:

November 23, 2023

Start Time:

8:30 am


Downtown San Jose, W Santa Clara Street, and N 1st Street

11 S 1st St, San Jose, CA US 95113


Thursday, November 23, 2023

1.      W Santa Clara Street (both directions) – Closed between Market Street and N. 1stStreet, from 11:00PM on Wednesday, November 22 until 2:00PM Thursday, November 23.

2.      W Santa Clara Street (both directions) – Closed between N San Pedro Streetand Market Street, from 1:00AM until 11:00AM.

3.      N 1st Street (both directions) – Closed between E San Fernando Street and E St.John Street from 11:00PM on Wednesday, November 22 until 11:00AM Thursday,November 23.

4.      E Santa Clara Street (both directions) – Closed between N 1st Street and N 6thStreet, from 7:30AM until 10:00AM.

5.      N 6th Street (both directions) – Closed between E Santa Clara Street andJackson Street, from 7:30AM until 10:30AM.

6.      Jackson Street (both directions) – Closed between 6th Street and N 2nd Street,from 7:30AM until 10:45AM.

7.      N 2nd Street (both directions) – Closed between Jackson Street and BassettStreet, from 7:30AM until 11:00AM.

8.      Bassett Street (both directions) – Closed between N 2nd Street and TerraineStreet, from 7:30AM until 11:00AM.

9.      Terraine Street (both directions) – Closed between Bassett Street and W St.James Street, from 7:30AM until 11:15AM.

10.  W St. James Street (both directions) – Closed between Terraine Street and WJulian Street, from 7:30AM until 11:15AM.

11.  W Julian Street (both directions) – Closed between W St. James Street and NAutumn Street, from 7:30AM until 11:20AM.

12.  N Autumn Street (both directions) – Closed between W Julian Street and W St.John Street, from 7:30AM until 11:25AM.

13.  Barack Obama Blvd (both directions) – Closed between W St John Street and WSanta Clara Street, from 1:00AM until 2:00PM.

14.  W St. John Street (both directions) – Closed between N Montgomery Street andN Almaden Boulevard, from 1:00AM until 2:00PM.

15.  W Santa Clara Street (both directions) – Closed between Hwy 87 NorthboundOfframp and N Autumn Street, from 1:00AM until 2:00PM.

16.  W Santa Clara Street (WB lanes only) – Closed between N Almaden Boulevardand Hwy 87 Northbound Offramp, from 1:00AM until 2:00PM.

17.  W Santa Clara Street (both directions) – Closed between N Autumn Street andThe Alameda, from 7:30AM until 12:00PM.

18.  The Alameda (both directions) – Closed between W Santa Clara Street and RaceStreet, from 7:30AM until 12:00PM.

19.  The Alameda (both directions) – Closed between Race Street and Naglee/TaylorStreet, from 7:30AM until 11:30AM.

20.  The Alameda (both directions) – Closed between Naglee/Taylor Street andUniversity Avenue, from 7:30AM until 11:30AM.

21.  Emory Street (both directions) – Closed between The Alameda and Myrtle Street,from 7:30AM until 11:30AM.

22.  Myrtle Street (both directions) – Closed between Emory Street and UniversityAvenue, from 7:30AM until 11:30AM.

23. University Avenue (both directions) – Closed between Myrtle Street and TheAlameda, from 7:30AM until 11:30AM.