N. San Pedro St. Closed for Pedestrian Use Only!

San Pedro Square has become ever more vibrant then in previous years. With all the challenges we all have faced this last year or so, the City of San Jose has opted to close the street to the east of us. This has come with virtually no negative consequences. In fact, the closing of N. San Pedro Street has come as a huge opportunity for not only our guests and tenants but the entire visiting community. The street below is bustling with happy pedestrians making use of the new space. Restaurants have abundant outdoor seating now to please their thirsty and hungry patrons. San Pedro Square was already host to an amazing array of food and drink options but moreover they are now able to offer comfortable space for people to lounge and enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably. Please come down to take part in this new environment. Take a load off and spend a few hours with your friends and family on the corner of the San Pedro Square Apartments located at San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose, CA.