FanimeCon 25 Years by Fans For Fans

FanimeCon is currently in full effect at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose! 10 minute walk from the San Pedro Square Apartments…we are fully booked and hosting our guests now. Looking down the halls we have already spotted a couple of our guests in the coolest, most outlandish costumes we have ever seen. We love the fans of FanimeCon and are delighted to have them staying with us. We anticipate a huge party in San Jose starting tonight and lasting for the remainder of the weekend. Last night at the city streets below, we observed some of the greatest things in quite a long time. We saw a goblin eating with a princess, ware-wolf drinking with Charizard, Sonic the hedgehog singing karaoke, and Tracer from Overwatch kissing what appeared to be the Cookie Monster. It’s been immensely entertaining. Thanks to all the fans and individuals working the booths at FanimeCon and making this an amazing event for us in San Jose. Today they have the best cosplay at the Masquerade, Musicfest is at the Civic auditorium, and be sure to swing by the Cosplay Hangout in Room 210A in the San Jose Convention Center! It’s a press free zone where you can repair your cosplay, sit down, cool off, and re-hydrate. Half of the room is dedicated to cosplay-related workshops or discussions throughout the day. All in all, there are all sorts of things worth checking out!