SPSA Apartments Welcomes Guests of Nvidia’s GPU Conference!

Welcome to all guests traveling domestically and internationally to Nvidia’s exciting GPU Conference! Downtown San Jose is already buzzing with excitement at the city streets below. If you are lucky enough to be staying at the San Pedro Square Apartments, you will find that walking to the convention center takes a mere 10 minutes. Although San Jose is super pedestrian friendly, if you are a little more adventurous…keep a look out for scooter and bike rentals as well. San Pedro Square Square is THE place to be if you are looking for vibrant food and activity after a long day at the conference. You can’t be thinking about accelerated science and deep learning all day right?! It’s imperative that you take a breather and check out some recommended eateries like the Farmers Union and Olla Cocina restaurants. The food is amazing…and the refreshing drinks are even more special. The San Jose local community know these two places all too well and I suggest you give either a try while in town. By coincidence, the San Pedro Square Apartments are located above these two establishments. So if you happen to find yourself coming back to San Jose…check out www.sanjosecityrentals.com. San Pedro Square Apartments offers short and long term rentals. Fully furnished and equipped with kitchenettes,…these apartments are properly appointed and balanced as an alternative to the typical hotel stay. Enjoy the conference and we hope to have the opportunity to host you one day!