San Pedro Square Apartments Hosting TwitchCon 2018 Guests

Thousands of Twitch streamers and fans will combine their powers to help create the best TwitchCon during October 26-28, 2018.  San Pedro Square Apartments offers the perfect location should you want to walk over and participate for the real-life Twitch experience. You’re going to see the amazing new ambassadors recently announced. Streamers such as DistractedElf, Wish, Elspeth, and DeejayKnight. TwitchCon will have Esports, streamer meet and greets, GDQ Express, and so much more. While experiencing TwitchCon…come on over to San Pedro Square Apartments and visit one of the amazing food experiences below. Farmers Union Restaurant and Olla Cocina will certainly blow you away with the dishes being created…not to mention the custom cocktails and libations. It’ll be the perfect place to meet up with all your favorite streamers, business associates and friends during the epic weekend event. See you soon!